Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo was opened on April 18, 1964. This Zoo is the perfect place to spend the day and have a fun time with your family and friends. The service given from the staff and employees is very friendly and professional. The prices on gifts, food, and drinks are very reasonably priced. There are many different exhibits and animals for you to visit. The exhibits include Ocean, Forests, Deserts, Plains, Commons, Flights of Fancy, Marine Mammals, Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center. In these you can purchase a $3 feeding pass; if you pay $3 you get food so you can feed some of those animals.

There are also some attractions that you can visit for little kids. These attractions include: Race-A-Cheetah Presented by the Tony Stewart Foundation where you can see if you can outrun a cheetah and get a super close up view of cheetahs, Shark Touch Pool where you get to have a personal encounter in the nation's largest shark touch pool and get super up close to a school of smooth dogfish sharks, and Tots Treehouse & Play Area where your little kids can go and take a break from the animals and play on a fun playground with rubber patting on the ground for your kids safety.

For an adult, it costs $15 dollars for a day pass and for a child, it costs $12 for a day pass. A parking pass for the day costs between $8-$16 depending on the vehicle. If you want a pass to feed the animals and access to all the rides it is an additional $12, otherwise it is $3 for every feed and ride. 
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